Battlefield Readiness, Even in GPS-Denies Environments


A leading defense contractor needed a mobile, rugged mission timing and sync reference that could distribute accurate timing to network devices onboard tactical vehicles. Specifically, they needed a device that could provide mission timing accuracy 24 hours per day in hostile, GPS-denied environments. The device would be part of a major C4ISR program for operational battlefield management capability for an Allied nation, and would be integrated into a continuous operations platform for situational awareness.


The customer selected Orolia’s rugged VersaSync, with a high-performance OCXO oscillator. VersaSync is an all-in-one time and frequency solution comprising a GPS master clock and network time server. The OCXO oscillator enables the unit to maintain frequency and time accuracy for long periods of GPS outage, and its compact size and high level of ruggedization make it suitable for mobile applications in harsh environments. In addition, VersaSync’s small footprint supports easy integration of resilient mission timing and sync functionality into systems architecture.


VersaSync provides this customer with the confidence of knowing that they can rely on continuous battlefield operations in scenarios that were previously impossible. It is integrated onboard their land tactical system and continues to operate even when the vehicle is not moving. It is also used as a precise timing reference for battlefield management system components. With Orolia’s VersaSync, this customer can mitigate GPS denial of service and continue to maintain network operations during GPS outages, resulting in safer warfighters, enhanced battlefield readiness and increased mission success.

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